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Spameria - Co znaczy mój nick :D

Maximinus - 2009-01-02, 13:00
Temat postu: Co znaczy mój nick :D
Gaius Valerius Galerius Maximinus (20 November, c. 270 - July/August, 313) Roman emperor from 308 to 313, was originally named Daia. He was born of peasant stock to the half sister of the Roman emperor Galerius near their family lands around Felix Romuliana; a rural area now in the Danubian region of Serbia, then the newly reorganised Roman province of Dacia Aureliana subordinated to the later Prefecture of Illyricum).

He rose to high distinction after he had joined the army, and in 305 he was adopted by his maternal uncle, Galerius, and raised to the rank of caesar, with the government of Syria and Aegyptus.

In 308, after the elevation of Licinius to Augustus, Maximinus and Constantine were declared filii Augustorum ("sons of the Augusti"), but Maximinus probably started styling himself after Augustus during a campaign against the Sassanids in 310.

On the death of Galerius, in 311, Maximinus divided the Eastern Empire between Licinius and himself. When Licinius and Constantine began to make common cause with one another, Maximinus entered into a secret alliance with the usurper Caesar Maxentius, who controlled Italy. He came to an open rupture with Licinius in 313, he summoned an army of 70,000 men, but still sustained a crushing defeat at the Battle of Tzirallum, in the neighbourhood of Heraclea Pontica, on the April 30, and fled, first to Nicomedia and afterwards to Tarsus, where he died the following August. His death was variously ascribed "to despair, to poison, and to the divine justice".[citations needed]

Maximinus has a bad name in Christian annals, as having renewed persecution after the publication of the toleration edict of Galerius (see Edict of Milan). Eusebius of Caesarea (Ecclesiastical History, VIII, 14), for example, writes that Maximinus conceived an "insane passion" for a Christian girl of Alexandria, who was of noble birth noted for her wealth, education, and virginity. When the girl refused his advances, he exiled her and seized all of her wealth and assets.[1]

A tu zdjęcie :D


Sniper - 2009-01-02, 16:48

Mój to Sniper

Czarny - 2009-01-16, 21:45

Mój to Czarny

bmr-biker - 2009-01-17, 06:34

Jakże głęboki ten Twój nick...
Czarny - 2009-01-17, 12:37

Może zmienię na #000000
Sniper - 2009-01-17, 20:19

albo na font color="black"
Graczu - 2009-01-17, 20:32

Sądzę iż temat o nazwie Historia mojego nicka był by ciekawszy, no ale... ;p
kragonek - 2009-04-29, 08:33

mój nick znaczy nic nie znaczy :/
Jack GTA - 2009-05-01, 08:01

A mój nick, Krzesimir i Ceplusista jest bardzo cenny.
Maximinus - 2009-05-01, 11:05

Sniper - 2009-05-01, 11:10

bmr-biker - 2009-05-01, 13:02

nie krzycz Sniper, pamiętaj ...
Jack GTA - 2009-05-06, 21:43

A co to ma być Maximus? Bana? Temat taki jak ten, jest wciąż aktualny : )
sidd - 2009-05-23, 20:30

Musiałem, żeby pochwalić się nowym avatarem!
Pozdrawiam jak zwykle!

bmr-biker - 2009-05-23, 21:11

Stylowy. :)
Sniper - 2009-05-23, 21:27

a kim jest ten pan na zdjęciu? :P
Maximinus - 2009-10-23, 15:15

Tadeuszem Marcinkiewiczem chyba... O ile się znam...
Sniper - 2009-10-23, 18:05

to się nie znasz, bo to nie on :P
Maximinus - 2009-10-24, 12:23

No to chyba Tadeusz Rydzyk.
Sniper - 2009-10-24, 13:41

nie ma koloratki :D
Maximinus - 2009-10-24, 17:08

Chciał się przebrać dla nierozpoznania wrogich Zydów !
Jack GTA - 2009-10-24, 17:40

PZPN gang
Sniper - 2009-10-25, 10:15

Ryszard Kalisz poseł SLD

Gość - 2010-01-03, 16:10

a moja postać oznacza postać z gry far cry 2 fajne ma tatuaze na rekach martyalencar

marty alencar

brda - 2010-02-08, 22:16

a moja postac to niezwykle pękny karabin HK PSG1


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